A community-first initiative dedicated to uplifting youth to prosper and grow with authenticity, kindness, and self-confidence in communities around the world.

Beginning in Oakland, CA, we soon began to see communities across the globe in need of curated support to help uplift and support students in meaningful ways to combat chronic absenteeism and boost graduation rates.

Oakland Natives Give Back Fund believes in SHARING IT FORWARD: Giving back to our communities to foster success and nurture today’s youth by giving them the resources they need to become tomorrow’s successful leaders and achieve all of their dreams.

Established in 2008 by three Oakland-native Black women with a love for their community, Oakland Natives Give Back is a collection of innovative, community-first programs and funds designed to combine community efforts to help inspire, educate, and uplift the future leaders.





Our programs focus on:

Fostering ambition and encouraging life-long learning

Meet immediate needs caused by socioeconomic and social challenges

Educate communities, schools, parents, and students on entrepreneurial opportunities

Aid students via access to financial and community program support systems

Inspire students to succeed in all they dream – From their first day of school to well beyond graduation

Empower students to become bold in their dreams, knowing they can achieve anything

Our Mission

We create and scale innovative solutions that empower young people and improve educational equity.

Our vision

A world where all children receive a quality education and the tools they need to succeed.


There is no way around it: If we want the youth of today to succeed, we have to start uplifting them to feel safe, empowered, and inspired to dream big.

These statistics are concerning, but the good news is that they are not set in stone! Together, we can work towards improving these statistics. By donating to or getting involved with Oakland Natives Give Back, you are standing up to say that our children deserve the best, and actively choosing to be a part of positive change to help students achieve their dreams – and beyond!


American students are
chronically missing school


of kindergarteners are
chronically absent

More than


of the public-school
population is made up of
low-income students


children in the U.S. lives
in a low-income family


Oakland Natives Give Back works closely with schools and parents within communities to provide a multitude of grants and programs for students.

Our Programs

To learn more about the programs offered,
please check out our programs page.


Supportive large organizations such as Meta, Oakland EdFund, The San Francisco Foundation, and Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation have donated to Oakland Natives Give Back in 2022.

All of our donations go to power all of Oakland Native’s Give Back’s programs at every stage to address the problems surrounding communities and schools by focusing on empowering our students.