Oakland Natives Gives Back started its mission in Oakland and nearby areas. But throughout the years, we were also able to reach out to people outside our home city.

Our goal is to touch the lives of as many students and families as possible. Either it’s in person or virtual, through giveaways or events, we have been dedicating our best efforts to the youth to inspire them and help them improve their lives through education.

Check out the places we have visited and see how we grow and expand our reach to the different communities around the world!

In 2018 and 2019, ONGB traveled to London with the important mission of promoting daily school attendance and youth development.
Together with our partners in this mission– the Hidden Genius Project, the youth of HGP and our program- Girls Equity Movement, shared their time and dedication to reach out to the young people of London.


ONGB attended the Hawaii International Conference in 2017-2018. Our representatives held a booth and presented the works and vision of the organization to the HICE participants. We have gained partners and friends who helped us extend our reach to the youth from different places all over the world
We worked with the International Labor of Love to supply backpacks and school supplies to the youth of Cambodia. With the help of the students of Brookfield Elementary, we were able to finish the preparation of the bags to be distributed to the students of Cambodia. Distance is not a hindrance to send help, and we all felt ecstatic about being able to reach out to a faraway country.
ONGB went to Texas to give an educational uplift after the devastation brought by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. The joy of the students as we handed over their new backpacks and school supplies made us realize how important education is for them, as they excitedly go back to school, despite the rubbles and damaged school facilities.
We aimed to inspire students to become entrepreneurs with the help of our GEMs girls as they discussed what entrepreneurship is, and how a correct mindset can help them achieve their goals.

All while distributing 1,500 Makers Kits. Makers Kits are backpacks fully loaded with school supplies.
We have travelled in Colombia in 2016 with the help of Friends of Colombia (Dan & Berit Wick) to make an International Humanitarian Expansion.

We were able to supply backpacks and school supplies to more than 150 children in Bogota and sent out $5000 to support building classrooms and maintain the facilities.