Meet Our Team

Dr. Nyeisha DeWitt CEO / FOUNDER

Dr. Nyeisha DeWitt is an investor, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Oakland Natives Give Back Fund, Inc., which she founded in 2008 to exemplify an evolved concept of philanthropy and raise awareness around the importance of daily attendance. Her unique background and personal journey uncovered the greatest crack in the foundation of a child’s success: chronic absenteeism, and has given her the ability to see it from a multitude of perspectives.


Nakeyma Randle
Director of Programs

Nakeyma Randle is a serial entrepreneur, studied at UC Berkeley majoring in Political Science and Mass Communications and has served as Strategic Partnerships/External Affairs Director & Chief ofStaff since starting in 2010.

Eric Gant
Senior Programs Coordinator

Eric has been with us since 2008. He grew from volunteer to aiding in the Programs Department. In 2016, he became a Program Coordinator. He was promoted to Senior Program Coordinator after expanding the Every Day Counts Attendance Challenge to Texas.

Erin Gray
CoFounder of GEMs

Erin is the cofounder & Alumni of The Girls Equity Movement. She is a rising Junior at the number one Entrepreneurship College in the world, Babson College. Her ideology behind GEMS was to expose young women to the basics of entrepreneurship.

Kristal Raheem
Coordinator for GEMs

After earning her master’s degree in Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership, Kristal returned home to Oakland to continue her growth as a community-based educator and researcher.

Raquell Gant
Lead Recruiter for GEMs

Raquell is an entrepreneur who has been with ONGB since 2021. She is currently in college to become a neonatal nurse. She is the Lead Recruiter for GEMs and is paving a way for young girls to become their own boss.

Stefon C. Dent
Achievement Coordinator

Stefon is a social service worker with 16 years of extensive experience working with at-risk youth and young adults as a program manager, achievement coordinator, case manager, and mental health facilitator.

Heather Davis
Achievement Coach

Heather is an Oakland Native studying American Sign Language at Berkeley City College. She has such a passion for fashion, hair, nails, and FOOD.

Rachelle Bartholemew
Achievement Coordinator

Rachelle graduated magna Cum Laude from Washington State University with a B.A. in Communications and a double major in advertising and psychology. Her passion for advocacy has led to a decades long career serving communities both locally and abroad.

Waynisha Butler
Achievement Coordinator

Waynisha is an Achievement Coordinator of Oakland Natives Give Back. In her 12 years of experience, she has studied learning styles that serve as the starting point for progressive intervention and has connected students with resources that contribute to their personal development.

Rahim Harris
Achievement Coordinator

Rahim Harris is an Oakland Native who brings 15 years of experience working with and supporting youth in various capacities, as a teacher, student support provider, mental health counselor, and case manager. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in African American Studies from Loyola Marymount University.

Anna Rodriguez
Achievement Coordinator

Anna is an Achievement Coordinator with a major in Marine Biology. Working with students across all levels in the Bay Area has reinforced her love for the beautful diverse community of Oakland and its young people. Joining ONGB has granted Anna the ability to now return all the love, help, and resources she received as a young student in public schools.

Savannah Vasquez
Programs Assistant

Savannah is originally from Livermore, CA, but has been in the community of Oakland for five years. She just obtained her BA in Criminology and Psychology and is now pursuing an MA in Forensic Psychology.

Jeck Pangilinan
Programs Assistant

Jeck is the assistant to the Director of Programs and the whole programs department. She also aids the whole ONGB team in terms of project management. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is pursuing a Juris Doctor degree. She is part of a non-profit team that aims to increase the literacy rate in less-privileged communities.


Dr. Chyna Hill
Director of R,S, & OE

Dr. Hill has a Ph.D. in Social Work from the University of Southern California, an MSW from the University of Southern California, an MA in Africana Women’s Studies, and a BA in Women and Gender Studies from the University of South Florida.

Carren Gopez
RSO&E Assistant

Carren holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology reflecting her interest in people and their behavior. As one of the assistants in ONGB, she offers support to the needs of the organization to ensure that the best is served to ONGB members.


Wanda Cherry
Office Coordinator

Wanda is the one you
see once you enter the ONGB office. She greets you with a smile and a happy tone. Her role is to keep the office organized and make sure that all supplies are stocked and we operate smoothly.

Ira Alberto
Executive Assistant

Ira is the assistant to the CEO and to the administrative department. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Her education paved the way to her long-term career in providing services to the Admin and HR departments.

Maddy Cruz
Marketing Assistant

Maddy is a licensed financial advisor and is now pursuing her third license as a Certified Investment Solicitor. She is also part of a local non-profit organization that helps her brethren Aeta and street children.

Ina Cruz
Graphics Assistant

Ina is ONGB’s in-house graphic assistant. Her background includes advertising, cultural exchange, and trade and investment. From working in the corporate world, she was inspired to learn the art to become a full time working mom.