Learning Institute

The Attendance Learning Institute (ALI) is a multi-sector collaborative and cooperative model that encourages the examination of policies and promotes the sharing of data driven, culturally responsive practices to combat chronic absenteeism.


Since 2016, we have been committed to supporting the exploration of best practices geared toward improving attendance rates for schools and school districts interested in out-of-the box thinking to address this national crisis

After two years, Attendance Learning Institute emerged out of our desire to take a deeper dive to truly understand our partner school’s acute issues and needs related to the chronic absenteeism epidemic.  In the beginning, we asked ourselves, “What does it take?”. 

To that end, we created ALI to investigate whether or not a site-specific attendance plans, consistent access to discretionary funds, capacity building and professional development improves daily attendance rates at our ALI partner schools.  Its purpose is to essentially see what works, how it works and why it works.


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decrease in odds that students will have chronic absenteeism at ALI Schools
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funds distributed to support site-specific, grassroots attendance improvement plans
ONGB staff visited ALI school sites

ONGB staff contributed

hours of capacity building and professional development support
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of participants say the attendance support they receive from ONGB has made a significant difference