Influencer Program

Oakland Natives Give Back aims to inspire young people and give them hope that they have a bright future ahead of them. With the support of their families, friends and the whole school community, it is possible for them to achieve academic and social success.

To accomplish this, ONGB has launched the Achievement Influencer Program (AIP),
an internship program that will connect students to a team of highly-skilled
professionals who are committed to promoting positive youth development and
nurturing student achievement. Students who are selected to participate in this
internship program will receive up to $500 monthly stipend.

This program is designed to support students and their families. The goal is for the
students to sharpen hard and soft skills, prepare them for the workplace, cultivate
a strong culture of learning, foster a connected community for young scholars,
and most importantly, provide seniors with an opportunity to become influential
leaders on their school campus and beyond.


To participate in this program, both students and their families need to complete an AIP application. There will be info sessions conducted at select school sites. Applications will be reviewed and acceptance letters will be shared. If your student is selected to participate, your family will be invited to an orientation and onboarding session where you will receive details on next steps and get connected to your AIP team.

Admission Criteria

Enrolled in an OUSD partner high school

Willing to attend school every day & stay the whole day

Willing to provide weekly attendance and academic reports

Program Participation

(after acceptance)

Attend school on time daily and maintain good attendance each month. Students must attend all periods each day. They are only allowed one excused absence per month.

Participate in networking opportunities and social media interactions with Achievement Coordinators, coaches, and other influencers.

Attend and participate in all training sessions and meetings with school staff and your supervisor.

Serve as a positive academic and attendance role model.

Educate students in your school and neighboring schools about the importance of being a leader and attending school every day.

Complete a career plan and educational plan.

Engage in personal and professional development opportunities as provided by ONGB.

Sign up for Achievement coaching sessions and Achievement Coach around resume and cover letter preparation, interview skills, and college applications.

Respond to information requests for attendance records, transcripts, resumes, or other materials as needed.

Complete program questionnaires as asked or required.

Commitment to maintaining an attendance rate of 95% or higher.

Commitment to 8.0 hours of programming time per week.

"I would like to express my gratitude for the work and time you put into our meetings after school. I feel very fortunate to have you as my advisor for the Achievement Influencer Program. Here's hoping for a long and mutually beneficial partnership"

Jasper Singrasabout
Oakland High School

"Some of the benefits as an Achievement Influencer are gaining knowledge and being a leader.

My Achievement Coordinator has helped me by making better decisions and really focusing on myself and my work. And even help me outside of school mentally.

Something I have learned from this internship is to think things through and look at things in different perspectives. And also to be organized"

Keanu Henning