Dr. Nyeisha DeWitt and Erin Grey of GEMs MC the 7th Annual Alliance for Girls Conference

Dr. Nyeisha DeWitt and Erin Grey of Girls Equity Movement acted as MCs for the 7th annual Alliance For Girls Conference.

Dr. Nyeisha DeWitt and Erin Grey of Girls Equity Movement acted as MC Welcome for the 7th annual Alliance For Girls Conference, “The World We Imagine”.

Oakland, October 11th, 2022 – Alliance For Girls has been tirelessly fighting to create a more equitable and inclusive society for the past 10 years. Alliance For Girls held its 7th annual conference, this year donning the title “The World We Imagine”. It was a privilege for Dr. Nyeisha DeWitt and Erin Grey of Oakland Natives Give Back Fund to serve as the conference’s opening MC Welcome.

The 7th Annual Alliance For Girl Conference concentrated on several important issues relating to equity and inclusivity for girls and gender-expansive people:

  • Radical Safety for girls and gender-expansive people
  • Self-love
  • Justice
  • Girls in the Lead, which aims to improve girls’ experience and assist with problem-solving solutions in all sectors
  • Healing and Restoration

The conference spanned the whole day and had an array of speakers, both in person and virtually, discussing topics that face girls, women, and gender-expansive people face.

  • Youth Resource Expo
  • Indigenous Blessing & Musical Performance by Calina Lawrence
  • Keynote address from Janette Robinson Flint
  • Spoken Word Performance by Anna Yang
  • Ending the Criminalization of Girls & Gender-Expansive Youth with Vera Justice Institute and Young Women’s Freedom Center
  • Supporting the Leadership of Girls and Gender-Expansive Youth in STEM
  • Young Moms Redefining Parenthood
  • Innovative Leadership, Transformation from the Inside Out
  • Reproductive Health & Justice, the Way Forward
  • Moving Beyond the Gender Binary

Knowing that Dr. Nyeisha DeWitt and Erin Grey are passionate about advocating for equity and inclusivity in the world, especially for girls, they were delighted in being a part of the Alliance For Girls “The World We Imagine” conference.

Alliance For Girls’ philosophies and objectives often mirror those of Dr. Nyeisha DeWitt and Erin Grey, notably their Girls Equity Movement (GEMs) project, which is powered by Dr. Nyeisha DeWitt’s Oakland Natives Give Back Fund. 

About Girls Equity Movement

Girls Equity Movement provides girls and young women empowerment through an eleven-month fellowship and mentorship program for high school girls. Girls Equity Movement’s mission is simple: As women rise to the top of their fields and industries, they can contribute to society, influence social change, act as change agents, and inspire innovation. Ultimately, Girls Equity Movement’s objective is to improve the lives of girls by exposing them to entrepreneurial mindset and skills by offering programs designed to cultivate leadership.

Girls Equity Movement focal points include:

  • Improve high school graduation rates
  • Open doors to higher education
  • Build strong sisterhood
  • Inspire girls to take on leadership roles
  • Propagate self-confidence
  • Prepare girls to form entrepreneurial skills

Girls Equity Movement, and its programs, catalyze the qualities needed to change the world by providing girls and young women with networking, training, and leadership skills.

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