Local Coffee Shop Brings Warmth and Community Care

Everyone enjoys a cup of hot coffee, especially during the winter season. Because of the overwhelming number of places to pick from, it is often that we just get coffee in the  nearest coffee shop. 

Beauty’s Bagel Shop is a perfect example of a shop that serves not only Oakland’s bagels, but also hot (and cold) coffee. With coffees’ prices ranging from $3.5 to $4.5, buyers do not only enjoy the good coffee, but also have the opportunity to participate in Beauty’s Bagel Shop’s program to donate 4% for each order.

Being based in Oakland themselves, Beauty’s Bagel Shop’s founders understand the struggles that people of Oakland face daily. That’s why they have decided to support the Oakland community by donating a portion of their coffee sales. For every coffee ordered from November 2021 to March 2022, Beauty’s Bagel Shop is donating 4% to the Oakland Natives Give Back Organization.

Oakland Natives Give Back’s purpose is to fund, create, and incubate innovative programs and partnerships that empower the next generation of students, locally and globally, and because of the support of businesses like Beauty’s Bagel Shop, ONGB has more opportunities to contribute to the improvement of the next generations. 

During these months of partnership, going out for coffee was and will be as much of a contribution to society, as it is a warm comfort, thanks to Beauty’s Bagel Shop.

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Nyeisha DeWitt